Lola is a very effective coach because she coaches with her heart. She genuinely cares for her clients and has only one single aim in mind, that is to help them become not just a better leader but generally a better person, as the 2 are afterall, interconnected.  From the start it was easy to trust Lola and to share with her the issues I faced, which is very important for coaching to be effective.

  She has taught me to not fear failure but to view it as part of a learning process and this has contributed tremendously to my personal development.


Lola possesses the right  balance of strong technical knowledge and a keen sense of perception to understand the psychological struggles of her clients. She is genuine, sincere and conscientious. For Lola, coaching is not just a job or an assignment, it is a calling. 

Regional Head, Strategic Communications, CEO’s Office,Leading SEAsian Bank

Lola brought structure and accountability to our coaching sessions through regular follow up and tracking of set objectives. She took the time to understand my individuality, requirements and work style; and this sustained the flow of the sessions. I appreciated the fact, that she would bring  evidence grounded in research on the leadership subject matters that we discussed. I found Lola Chetti to be professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Throughout the sessions, she maintained an objective posture and guided me to explore events through a variety of perspectives. -Regional CEO, Leading French Insurance

Lola personalizes her coaching approach according to different individual to optimize her coaching results. She brings on board research based scientific view and practical perspective to the coaching sessions and issues of discussion. Most importantly, Lola truly tries to understand the individual before she could decide on her “intervention tools” for optimal results.

In addition, Lola has a lot to offer in terms of overall knowledge transfer, given her extensive experience working with senior executives and leaders from various discipline both locally and internationally- CRO, Insurance Industry

"...commitment and dedication of Lola is mainly the key to the success of the certification course. Not only the material, scope and coverage of the course are prodigious, it is the passion and knowledge poured into it by Lola that makes it so exceptional and incredible.  Her professionalism and rich experience has not only made the course highly efficacious in many ways, it has also made it immensely enjoyable for every single one of us.

As the Chief Operating Office of my company, taking up coaching has not only resulted in better personal development through raised self-awareness, but has also enabled me to bring out the potential of the others that led to enhanced overall people and business management.

To me, coaching is a continual journey for developing ourselves as well as the others, and I am so grateful to have attended the coach training course of Holding Space, and having Lola as my coach to guide and set me off this journey." 

By:                             C.Chang/ Chief Operating Officer

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ICF-Accredited Organisational Coaching Practitioner Certificates granted to the 2017 participants.

Participants went on to build an internal coaching pool and an innovation platform 22 graduates


Cohort 2018 Graduated also !

2019 -Batch...Graduated!