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Expanding Leadership and Coaching Abilities

Make the most of your potential and excel!

At Holding Space, we design and deliver customised personal and professional development solutions for individuals, and teams. We inspire them to deliver above their potential through customized leadership training and coaching grounded in findings from published research. We come highly recommended by our clients through 15 years.


Holding Space focuses on enabling and supporting the positive transitions that allows individuals and team to excel.

Cultural Competence

We have 12 years of experience working in multinationals with a culturally diverse population. We train and coach for leadership of culturally intelligent and culturally adept teams as lack of awareness of cultures gives rise to unnecessary misunderstanding.

Women Leadership

We help women leaders to garner clarity on the challenges they face when they step into leadership positions. Our courses are tailored both to the unique individuals but also the common challenges faced by women in leadership roles.  We support them in acquiring essential skills such as political savvy, visibility and leadership presence.

Collaborative Team Leadership

We coach leaders for a smooth transition into team leadership and creating the environment needed for every individual on the team to make the most of their  potential. Our clients will tell you that we are highly experienced in understanding the unique dynamics of different teams and support them from shifting from silo thinking to collaborative thinking.

Conflict Management

We help build strategies for leaders to confidently and competently manage conflicts. We focus on the emotional intelligence and the leader's own self-management. We also emphasise on every individual’s response towards conflict : be it flight or fight or freeze and provide them the tools to calm down and engage with conflict in a way that it is win-win and helps everyone to focus.

Course Offerings


We partner with managers and leaders to boost their team leadership skills. Even for a high-performance executive, transition to a manager's metric of success can be daunting, and we work with managers to smoothen their transition through different channels such as training on constructive communication, peer coaching strategies, influencing skills and solid stakeholder engagement abilities.

ICF accredited-Level 2 - 136 Hrs CCE  that focuses on evidence and research-based methodologies. We aim to provide knowledge for participants to be life coaches and also coach at organisational level. In class, we emphasize social learning, active experimentation, observation, feedback, and reflective work. All our learning rest on well researched principles that we integrated and impart in such a way that our coaches are ready to coach in organisations in 3 months! Hence, our motto that evidence-based coaching is about standing on the shoulders of published philosophers, researchers and neuroscientists.

We are passionate about supporting women executives as they take up leadership positions. Our personalised coaching focuses on specific aspects of building political savvy, creating trust, negotiating for resources; to creating and sustaining powerful professional networks. We are sensitive to the fact that women leave organisations in middle management-partly due to family demands, therefore we offer specific leadership coaching modules relating to motherhood and parenthood.


Our evidence-based approach provides coaching and support on essential leadership skills for senior executives. We start by identifying the most important levers for her/his development and identifying the client's strengths and weaknesses. We then develop a personalised coaching solution aiming at strengthening the performance of our client. With clients’ consent, we also arrange for psychometric instruments and help them debrief results and prepare a solid action plan.


Since 2013, we deliver a well-recommended emerging leaders program for managers and directors that provides effective tools for self leadership, building trust, effective decision-making and cultural intelligence. We help clients to boost their executive presence and consolidate the conflict-resolution skills needed to contribute effectively to their organizations. We teach around 20 specific leadership modules which are delivered according to the needs of the organisation.

We support our participants in building real time strategies that efficiently solve organisational challenges with sustainable strategies. Action learning projects allow executives across functions to work together and find solutions to their organisational challenges. As the teams collaborate, we have time and again enabled different teams in our different client organizations to build solid engagement and collaborative relationships.

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