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'I was coached by Lola Chetti from September 2016 to June 2017. My position as Regional Chief Executive Officer , AXA-ASIA meant that I led a diverse team of seven other CEOs who oversaw the activities and operations of AXA entities in seven Asian countries.


During this period, Lola brought a clear methodology to our coaching sessions; this allowed me to review aspects of my work that are not  obvious in the fast-moving world in which we evolve. We focused on the different cultures of the senior team that I led and our coaching discussions enabled the surfacing of natural cultural differences that occur within a diverse senior team, that could potentially lead to gap in understandings .

I found the questioning approach she imparted helpful to use in specific cases, for example, when persuading counterparts during decision making process, it helped me to dilute the “telling” approach and instead provoke the team to engage with their own solutions while meeting the concerns raised. Lola took the time to understand my individuality, requirements and work style; and this sustained the flow of the sessions.'


CEO - AXA Insurance (Singapore)

Strategic Development Officer - India, Malaysia, Vietnam



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