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In a time of uncertainty ushered by a global pandemic, Holding Space is implementing online learning modules to ensure safety
and the smooth delivery of learning modules. Please contact us to register or learn more about our online courses.

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We have designed and deliver an inspiring and accessible coaching curriculum for  aspiring and  practicing coaches. The International Coaching Federation in 2017 approved the program for 136 hours  Approved Coach Training Program. Every module brings an enriching contribution to the coach’s breadth of knowledge and toolbox.


The program draws from the ICF core competencies and builds on coaching research to provide participants with a broad palette of coaching knowledge and tools that would empower them to get a deep understanding of human behavior and be adept at using the appropriate processes and tools to help their coaches make effective changes in thinking and acting. We lay special emphasis of the power of using an affiliative style in coaching -hence, affiliative coaching as we believe in making positive changes through good training and trust. Our program aims to give a solid foundation to coaches who work in an organizational setting. We therefore put a special emphasis on organisational coaching knowledge and organizational case practice in class. 


Our training relies on social learning, active experimentation, observation, feedback and reflective work. It is structured in such a way that it requires our participants to straight away engage in a deliberate  practice of their acquired learning and start their practice of coaching within 6 x 1/2 days of training. We provide ongoing mentoring and feedback. Coaching supervision is an additional service upon request.

We keep CREATE &ENGAGE to no more than 6 students and STRENGTHEN &SOAR to less than 8 persons, in order to be able to give focused attention to our students' progress and skill acquisition.We come highly recommended by our students -as providing knowledge that allows them to "hit the coaching  ground running"





General program vision and goals

We built our program on several axes: Coach Self-development, Coaching Proficiency and Cultural Competence. Our strength rests on the palette of perspectives imparted to make meaning and explore human behavior. Our program enables the coach to understand their clients through different lenses. In our training, we guide our participants to seek the understanding that the client has of herself first and then move to the clients’ agenda and objectives within the organizational context and/or environment.

Our vision is to provide the right depth and breadth of coach learning that set our participants on a path to continue expanding on their coach proficiency to best serve their organizational clients.


English (French available upon request)


List of classes + modules for 2020/2021 (dates may change):

CREATE : July 2022 - 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th (3.00-7.30 pm) 8th (9.00-5.45 pm) 

Module 1: Foundation of Coaching - Etymology, Philosophy, Mindset

Module 2: Core tools for Coaching 1- Ethics, Deconstructing Trust

Module 3: Core tools for Coaching 2 - Coaching Presence, Coach Communication 2, Coaching Framework

ENGAGE :  August 2022 - 11th, 12th (3.00-7.30 pm), & 13th : (9.00am-5.45 pm)

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence: Values, Self-Management, Co-creating Action Plans, Commitment

Module 5: Coach Direct Communication: Feedback,  Filters, Meta-models, Re-languaging, Reframing, Cognitive Coaching - Internal Obstacles


STRENGTHEN : October 2022- 25th, 26th, 27th, 28 th (3.00pm to 7.30 pm) & 29th (9.00am- 5.45pm)

Module 6: Coaching Methodologies - Coaching with Intuition, Using Narrative Coaching Techniques

Module 7: Expanding Your Coaching Repertoire 1 – Coaching for Talent in Organisations, Coaching on Organisational Development Plans

Module 8: Expanding Your Coaching Repertoire 2 - Psychometric assessments, Brain Science  Knowledge for Coaches


* 2x1/2 days Free observed coaching : mid-November


SOAR: December 2022 -  9th & 10(9.00am - 5.45pm)

Module 9: Coach Cultural Competency: Case Practice. Exams

Module 10: Internal Coaching. Exams

Number of student contact hours included in program:

  • Over 100 hours of coach specific training delivered face to face delivered over a period of 6 months

  • 12 hours of mentoring by ICF accredited Mentor around the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics (Mentor coaching will take place over a period of 3 months - focus is on development of the participant’s coaching skills using the ICF core competencies - 3 hours mentor coaching delivered face to face and individually by an ICF accredited mentor coach + 8 hours group mentor coaching for not more than 8 delivered face to face or Skype or Zoom)

  • 1 day of observed coaching + feedback offered to the class

  • At least 6 practice sessions with qualified observer

  • 1 recorded session per participant

  • 1 Reflection paper on application of the chosen book to enrich their own practice and written Q&A book application within coaching practice

  • 4 hours of peer coaching documented by each participant

  • 12 hours executive/organisational coaching documented by each participant

  • CKA prep upon request and clear road map for credentialing

  • 136 Coach Continuing Education Units


Learning Goals:

Providing robust coach training through a curriculum built on the principles of adult learning theory in order to enable them to coach as internal or external coaches in organizations. Every single module or piece of learning is one that brings an enriching contribution to the coach’s development and his coaching toolbox. The program draws from the ICF Code of Competencies as a foundation and  provides to participants a broad palette of learning and coaching skills that would allow them to understand the behavior of individuals in organizations. The classes will rely on individual learning, feedback, and social learning through peer coaching, feedback, observing others and learning from experience – self & others.


The end objective is to get our participants to immediately start experimenting with their new knowledge and learning in their place of work or communities, and to them follow up and reinforce their experiences with coaching tools and techniques that would enable them to coach professionally executives within an organizational setting.

The relevance of the learning to our coaches is paramount, we invite them to partake their experience during our classes and put emphasis on solving their real-life cases/dilemmas during class coaching discussions. At the end of the course, our aspiring coaches are ready to take up organizational coaching assignments

Coaching Philosophy/Model/Approach:

“ Coaching is an art, we need to make our ways into its myriad wisdom through practice, discovery  reflection, and action.” 

We believe that effective and sustainable change requires coaching spaces that promote psychological safety, emotional restoration and discovery for insights and perspectives. We see coaching as an active and positive ingredient that is a conduit for effective and sustainable change because it is rooted in ethics, safety, trust an empathic mindset and a genuine desire to enable others to excel. This is what our coaches practice during their training.

 We also believe that coaching is at its best when the coach is himself role modeling the development, rigor and proficiency needed. This is why the course lays emphasis on modules aimed at Coach self-development and proficiency.

We also believe that to truly understand our client demands emotional intelligence and cultural competence and as many lenses as we can harness.

"Coaching is a journey"

During the course, we lay emphasis on essential requirements of coaching: our course offers firm foundation, however, continuous learning and sustained building on their coaching knowledge is required. 

We devote 100 hours of teaching focused on teaching and practice of the icf -Core competencies and focus on encouraging supportive and ethical coaches


Listing of lead instructors:

Lead Instructor and Designer: Lola Chetti - EXEC MASTER IN CONSULTING & COACHING (DISTINCTION) INSEAD, MCC-ICF, Mentor Coach-ICF, LLB (HONS) - UK, BARRISTER(Lincoln's inn) Diploma in Coaching Supervision-CSA-UK.

Location for Delivery of Program: 

 Hong Kong - via ZOOM- face to face in real time


Language(s) Used in Program Delivery:


How the Program is Delivered:

  • 88 hours of FACE TO FACE coach specific training around the ICF Core competencies and Code of Ethics

  • 3 hours mentor coaching delivered face to face and individually

  • 9 hours group mentor coaching for no more than 8 delivered on zoom/ Skype or face to face (Mentor coaching will take place over a period of 3 months: participants will be coached over their coaching skills, receive feedback, reflecting on feedback and then focus on self-correcting and improving their coaching skills. Focus is on development of the participant’s coaching skills using the ICF core competencies

  • Total 12 hours of mentor coaching

1 reflection paper on the application of coaching literature to executive coaching practice

1 recorded coaching session per participant

1 coach development plan for next 2 years discussion 

Intended Participants:

Maximum number of persons per training: 6 pax 

PARTICIPANTS WORKING IN an organizational setting or intending to dispense coaching for executives or coach in an organizational setting

Requirements Students Must Meet to Enter the Program:

  • Good mastery of the English language

  • Commitment to the course and learning

  • Working experience in organizations

  • Commitment to self-development and people development

  • Interview with Lead Instructor prior to acceptance


Policies on Payment of Tuition and Fees:

Please address all your enquiries to : lola@iccmy.com

Group rate is available for at least 4 participants confirming attendance as a group



Policies on Withdrawals and Refunds

At booking, 35% is payable and becomes non-refundable after confirmation of registration following an interview with the instructor and an assessment. The remaining 65 % is payable 4 weeks before the course.


"We are COACH PRACTITIONERS who TRAIN other . That is our unique added value...be trained by a global coach with a proven track record .Our curriculum is grounded in the reality of work in organisations "Lola CHETTI MCC

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