Executive Coaching 

Leadership Coaching

“We are committed to supporting organisations and society in raising the quality of leadership and creating the environment needed for individuals and teams to achieve their potential”


Our coaching focuses on the perceived needs of the leader and his organisation.

We have coached senior executives and leaders on a variety of aspects, paying particular attention to their function, personal/ professional demand, cultures and industry. At Holding Space, we coach the whole person and place in his unique needs and role within the system at the centre of our work.

Internal Coaching

We craft and deliver accessible  and immediately actionable internal coaching curricula and train executive to become internal coaches

Cultural Intelligence

Inclusion and Diversity is a constant theme in our coaching and training

Lola Chetti specialises in translating the impact of National cultures on leadership and coaches senior clients who take up positions in foreign countries or lead diverse teams


Transitions in personal and professional lives are ever present, however, is the level of challenge differs.  We recognise that the level of challenge vary and is dependent on both the change and the unique position of the person undergoing the change.

Executive Presence 

As executives progress in their organisations, strong executive presence becomes critical because it lays the foundation for them to create the trust and command the respect required to be heard, seen and remembered. This is an essential skill for the executives as they seek to influence their key stakeholders.


We lay emphasis on the art of discerning and rapidly gauging situations for the client to learn how to use confidence and gravitas to reinforce trust and command respect in different situations and with different stakeholders.


Group Coaching and Training also available

Psychometric assessments and Customised 180 - 360
  • CCL ‘s Benchmark 360 assessment’s suite: Benchmark for Executives, Benchmarks for managers, Benchmark for learning agility and Benchmark by design, Skillscope
  • KDVI: 360 - GELI ( Global executive leadership inventory), Personal Audit, Organizational Culture Audit

  • MBTI Step 1 & 2

  • Workplace Big 5

  • Customized 180 - 360, Feedback and Debrief

  • LSI- Human Synergistics suite of 360 instruments


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